Welcome To My New Blog!

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Welcome to my new writing spot, guys! It’s been quite a while. If you had no idea, I actually combined my blog with my photography portfolio and since I recently got a little more involved photography, I thought I would love to do the same thing and be fair towards writing as well.

It doesn’t mean that my previous website is dead, I have converted it into a photography site and portfolio, so if you ever want to shoot, head down to my website at www.zekehosnaps.wordpress.com  to let me know!

I am an avid traveler and a huge foodie, so I will definitely share my experiences through my articles as I believe that I can impact many lives by sharing them. Wanna know how it feels like to go for a vacation in different countries? Wanna know how certain foods taste without even being there? Wanna know how I deal with certain things in life? Wanna hear honest opinions about certain topics? Then I guess you shouldn’t hesitate to follow my blog! If you are already a WordPress user, do go ahead and hit “follow”, but if you’re not, just enter your email address and you will be notified whenever I have a new post up on my blog. Simple!

If you have read my old articles, don’t worry, I have not forgotten about them. I will improvise on them and make it better and interesting for you to read. Do Stay Tuned!

Just like photography, writing is another way to express my feelings and to share my experiences with others, so thank you for being there to be part of my life! I post every week, so do be sure to follow my Facebook page as well!

Peace & Love,



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