Solutions For Bad Drivers

Dealing with bad drivers on a daily basis can be one of the most annoying things in the entire world. Regardless of our race, creed or religion, we all hate it when there are bad drivers on the road, especially in Singapore. If you are always overwhelmed with anger whenever you encounter those drivers and you don’t have a chance to express your feelings and opinions, know for sure that I’ve Got Your Back! With all that said, here are some solutions to be a better driver.

Use Your Signal.


That is for you to switch on a light and it will blink and signal to the other drivers behind you that you are about to make a turn, this is how we can be able to let you enter the lane that you want to switch to. Don’t make a turn out of nowhere without using your signal as the drivers behind you are trying to be careful and want to avoid crashing their cars into yours! I’m sure you don’t want to get a rude shock when somebody’s car crashes yours from the back, so exactly! Use Your signal! How are we supposed to know whether or not you trying to switch lanes if you don’t use your signal? The drivers behind you want to accelerate as well, because heck, the road belongs to all the drivers and we all drive to get ahead! What if you suddenly switch lanes and the car behind is trying to go faster because there was space in front of it? Boom! An accident can happen just because you don’t use your signal! So, if you don’t want to get your ass beaten, use your signal, for the love of God!

Stop Honking Your Horn When You’re Stuck In Traffic.

Do you actually think honking your horns will clear the traffic? Just because you honk your horn, it doesn’t mean that the driver in front of you will move faster because EVERYBODY is STUCK in traffic! You are not special, so please don’t be selfish by making a ton of noise because once again, the road belongs to every single driver. Well, maybe you’re hungry, you need the bathroom, you’re in a rush to go somewhere or you need to take a piss, but you will piss hundreds of people off by honking your horn and it doesn’t help the situation! Once again, there are hundreds of drivers on the road who are caught in the same traffic jam and are in the same situation as you. So, don’t make other drivers feel worse and contribute to noise pollution, please!

Don’t Text And Drive!

If you are guilty of doing this, STOP IT! Really, what is going on in your life that the person on the line cannot wait 15 minutes for you to text them back later? You are in the driver’s seat, so you have to FOCUS on the road! You really have to think to yourself, ‘Is it that important?’ If I were you, I don’t care who the person on the other line is, it could be POTUS himself and you can tell him to hold on up because you are driving and you need to CONCENTRATE! Not only are you endangering other people’s lives and you’re not looking at the road ahead of you, every time you are at a red light, you get so engrossed while texting and you somehow forget that you are in a car, driving! So, when the light turns green, YOU NEVER GO! YOU ARE THE REASON WHY THERE IS TRAFFIC! So, if you don’t want to cause other drivers to be caught in traffic and if you are sensible and caring enough to prevent pedestrians from getting killed while crossing the road, PLEASE GET OFF YOUR PHONE!

Here are just 3 simple solutions to become a better driver so if you don’t want to stand in the Hall Of Shame as a “BAD DRIVER”, take these 3 solutions seriously and you could make the world a better place! That’s all from me, see you next time!

Peace and Love,



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