15 Year Old Killed Herself For Being 2nd In Class?????

From the title, you should already know what I’m going to talk about real quick. I saw this article on Facebook and it immediately caught my eye. Please go read it before you read further as it would be awesome to know the whole story and have an open-mind about it. Living in Singapore, a city with ridiculously high education standards, this might actually be going on in the minds of numerous students, “If I don’t top the class, I’ve lost my will to live.” Not just in Singapore, actually, but in many Asian countries where parents and teachers are very academically demanding. The above incident took place in Malaysia, Singapore’s next-door neighbour. So having studied in Singapore, I find it extremely normal for the students around me to feel stressed about school, but at the same time, I feel that some students have to know their limits and parents and teachers have to learn how to empathize with the kids. With all that said, here are my thoughts and feelings regarding what happened.

If you are just like the kid in the article and you always top the class, or even the school, do not ever take that place for granted as you should always bear in mind that there is always someone in this world who is A HUNDRED PERCENT BETTER THAN YOU at school. Even if you came in 2nd in class, it’s an amazing thing as well! You are way above average and you are one of the top students, needless to say. To the kid who killed herself, even though you won’t ever see this, obviously, DO YOU KNOW HOW DUMB YOU ARE TO END YOUR LIFE? You may be one of the smartest kids in school, but by killing yourself, you are letting the rest of the world know that you are the complete opposite of what you were known to be. Do you know how many years you have ahead of you to pursue your dreams and even know the true value of life?  Even if you came in 2nd in class, you got straight ‘A’s as well, you aren’t stupid at all and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. When I was 15, I wasn’t even a top student, so are you trying to say that I’m stupid? Anyway, by committing suicide, not only did you shortchange yourself by not giving yourself a chance to learn your lesson, you are causing your teachers to feel guilty as you are indirectly telling them that if their student came in second, they have failed in their career. If you were still alive today getting back on your feet and learning more than just to do well in school, you could probably be somebody many of your classmates or schoolmates could look up to. Anyway, you killed yourself, so too bad you can’t have another chance, because You Only Live ONCE.

Now, to the father of the kid who killed herself:

Firstly, I understand that education is extremely important, EVERY SINGLE PARENT understands that. You can enrol your kids in enrichment classes if they’re not doing well at all or if they can’t catch up with the rest of the class, which I completely understand and totally agree with, but no matter how important education is, IT ISN’T EVERYTHING. According to the article, all these classes and intense studying have robbed your kids of the opportunity to socialize and mingle around with the other kids. Do you know how much more important that is than just doing well in school? If your kids can’t socialize at all, they won’t have what it takes to go out to the real world and even make new friends when they’re adults. In Singapore, our education standards are way higher than that in Malaysia, but the kids here are able to socialize so well that even their parents can barely stop them from even talking to their friends. How about you? What do you do for a living? If you’re actually that smart, why not teach your kids and impart your personal knowledge to them and teach them how to socialize? That’s what many people call, ‘Killing 2 birds with 1 stone’, and you should be able to understand that if you’re smart enough.  Think about that real quick.

Secondly, your words have a big impact on your kids and your opinions are what they care about the most. Like what I said just now, not doing well in school doesn’t mean that you aren’t clever, that’s a huge misconception to a lot of students, teachers and parents. I’m sure you have heard about Albert Einstein. He is known up till today to be the most intelligent man in the world with an IQ of 160, but he didn’t do well in school as a kid either. So, if you were to tell your daughter that you would disown her if she didn’t top the class, it’s as good as saying that you will kill her. She listened to whatever you said, AND SHE KILLED HERSELF! If you hadn’t told her that, she wouldn’t have committed suicide! YOU CAUSED HER DEATH YOU DUMB HUMAN BEING! In case you haven’t realized it. YOU NEED JESUS, for goodness’ sake!

To the rest of the parents and teachers out there, as a student putting myself out there, I hope that you can learn a lesson from the article that firstly, education isn’t everything and secondly, your words have a big impact on your kids’ life. To all students, remember that first of all, you don’t have to be good at school to be successful and secondly, if your parents or teachers are like the father in the article, don’t ever take them seriously. Your parents and teachers are people as well and they have their own opinions, which are completely subjective and they don’t matter at all! One day, if you come out successful in the real world, you can prove to others that nobody has ever changed the world by doing what the world has told them to do.

I guess it’s time for me to end this. If you have any arguments and opinions about this article, do comment below and if you have any other topics that you want me to write about, do let me know! God Bless You All and Have A Great Day!

Peace & Love,



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